We Do the Shopping For You!

As an independent agency, we represent and sell insurance for about 35 companies, and add new ones to our list of markets regularly. When you place a quote request with Strickland Marine, we determine the coverages that you need and want and shop for the best policy and best price for you, finding the best deal with the optimum price and coverages. Because our market base is so large, it's very difficult for anyone to find a better deal anywhere else or even come close to matching the price and coverages can procure for you.



Premier Marine Insurance Experts

As one of the largest marine insurance agencies in the Southeastern United States, and with over 25 years of experience in the field of marine insurance, we are premier specialists in insuring everything relating to marine risk, including yachts and mega-yachts, sportfishers, cruisers, bass boats, ski boats, jet skis, tour boats, charter vessels, para-sail operatiors, commercial hulls, boat dealerships, marinas, shipyards, boat and fiberglass repair shops, tournaments, trailers, boat haulers, captains, clubs, boat manufacturers, ships, crew boats, marine artisans, divers, mechanics, oil tankers, etc.

While other agencies and companies focus mainly on homeowners' and auto insurance and handle some marine insurance as a side line, marine insurance is the single line of specialty at Strickland Marine. It's what we do all day, every day, and we represent marine-specific carriers rather than general-lines carriers, so our policies are true boat, yacht, and commercial-hull forms, with coverages and limits not provided on many of the policies being marketed by others.

If you want a marine expert working for you, who specializes specifically in boat, yacht, and marine insurance, call us, and we'll he happy to serve you.



You Can't Know Boat Insurance Without Knowing Boats.

We're not just insurance agents; we're experienced fishermen and boaters. We know boats like we know our own family. We speak your language and know your needs because we've been doing what you do as boaters our whole lives--from fun fishing, to fishing tournaments, to skiing, to running offshore fishing charters.  You don’t go to a podiatrist to have a tooth pulled, so it just makes sense to buy marine insurance from a marine insurance specialist instead of a general-lines agent.



Big Company; Small-Town Service

You can't hide your heritage, so we don't even try. Although we have grown to be a large agency, we’ve kept our small-town values–the values and manners that raised us in the small towns of coastal South Carolina. As large as we have grown, and as large as we plan to grow, we intend to always be a family business with the kind of customer-service attitude that sets us apart. We believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We don't just want customers; we want fans. Give us a chance to prove that to you.

When we are customers ourselves, we don't like navigating frustrating automated answering systems; so we don't use computers to answer our phones. Call Strickland Marine, and you'll speak to a real person--and you'll NEVER be asked to "press one for English".


What We Insure:*


Personal Watercraft (I.e., Jet Skis)

Ski Boats

Fishing Boats

High-Performance Boats



Sail Boats

Charter Boats

Commercial Hulls

Jones Act

Tug Boat Operations

Tour Boat Operations


Crew Boats

Excursion Vessels

Boat Haulers



Boat Trailers


Boat Dealers

Boat Manufacturers


Yacht Clubs

Boat Mechanics

Boat and Fiberglass Repair Shops

Boat Detailers

Boat Lettering Companies

Marine Painters

Marine Welders

Professional Divers

Dive Boats and Operators

Marine Artisans


Dock Builders




* Actual coverages vary depending on the policies and options purchased by the insured.


Saving You REAL Money

The best part is that we typically save our customers 30-50% or more over other companies, while giving superior coverage at the same time.  We can do this because we have a large market to shop as independent agents.  If you are looking to save some real money, a call to Strickland Marine might be a pleasant surprise.


Independent Captains

Commercial Fishing Operations

Oil Tankers

Marine Towers

Delivery Captains

Boat Rental Companies

Fishing Tournaments

Boat Shows

Seafood Companies

Water Taxis

Fishing Guides

Marine Salvage Companies

Dry Stacks

Boat Lots

Carrier Vessels

Government Vessels

Police boats

Foreign Boats

Navigation in Foreign Countries

Para-sailing Operators

Marine Aircraft

Yacht Brokers

Tackle Shops

Marine Electronics Installers

Marine Surveyors


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